Neck Finish: 53/400
Volume: Approx 150mL / 5 oz
Deco Height: 3.20”
Deco Circum.: 6.095”
Jar Height: 3.732”
Jar Weight: 21g
Lid Weight: 7.6g


Jar Colours: White, Black, Natural
Lid Colours (CGT): White, Black, Natural, Green
Lid Colours (PP): White, Black


Lid Inserts (CGT): F217 & Induction Liner
Lid Inserts (PP): PE Foam Liner


Jar Case Qty: 250pcs
Lid Case Qty (CGT): 1200pcs
Lid Case Qty (PP): 1200pcs


This jar is primarily designed to hold cannabis flower, in quantities up to 7g. It could also be used to hold edibles, vape refills, and up to 5 pre-rolls.


Our lids, using the same resin as our jars, are designed to be child resistant. We are still waiting for the official test results to be published by our third-party testing lab.

If your application requires a certified child-resistant lid, you must use the standard Polypropylene (PP) lids we also offer at this time, which are tested and certified.