Neck Finish: 20/400
Volume: Approx 27mL / 0.9 oz
Deco Height: 4.220”
Deco Circum.: 2.180”
Jar Height: 4.788”
Jar Weight: 8.8g
Lid Weight: 3.1g


Jar Colours: White, Black, Natural
Lid Colours (CGT): White, Black, Natural, Green
Lid Colours (PP): White, Black


Lid Inserts (CGT): F217 & Induction Liner
Lid Inserts (PP): PE Foam Liner


Jar Case Qty: 2000pcs
Lid Case Qty (CGT): 4900pcs
Lid Case Qty (PP): 4900pcs


This jar is designed to hold one pre- rolled “joint” containing between 0.5 and 1g of cannabis flower. Additional uses include vape cartridge refills and small edibles or capsules.


Our lids, using the same resin as our jars, are designed to be child resistant. We are still waiting for the official test results to be published by our third-party testing lab.

If your application requires a certified child-resistant lid, you must use the standard Polypropylene (PP) lids we also offer at this time, which are tested and certified.